Oh no! I’m not stressed or anything. I am just going on a short leave with my close friend as we both treat ourselves (belatedly!) for our birthdays. Our birthdays fall one day apart and we have been planning this trip for the longest time. This time, we are going! Yahoo!

Destination – Amsterdam and Brussels

If you are following my The Travel Bug blog, you have probably read there the times I have changed plans every time we were “almost” going to the Netherlands. My husband kept avoiding Europe like a plague while my daughter and I yearned for another visit. I was supposed to go for my 40th birthday and 3 years later, I am finally putting my plan into motion.

My friend is also excited. We’re both the “selfless” kind of people you’ll ever meet who supports family back home and have so many obligations to fulfil. We kept postponing our birthday gifts too because we’d rather send the money home or we feel guilty for spending. This time, we just want to give ourselves this dream trip to see The Netherlands and Belgium because we deserve the holiday. After the trip, we’re back to saving money again.

I am excited like a kid. I know I have been to other European countries but it’s different in Amsterdam. I want to see that place ever since I saw a travel mag featuring the beautiful dikes, windmills, canals and tulip fields of Netherlands. And I love tulips! I can see myself rolling on the tulip fields already for some serious photo ops, provided, I don’t get caught! Hahahahaha!

My luggage is packed with the necessities.  I also have spare camera battery and SD cards for the tons of pictures I will be taking while touring the city and enjoying the beautiful sights around us. A side trip to Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium has also been booked in advance so we are guaranteed for 2 seats in the full-day tour. We have booked ourselves to several tours in Amsterdam too so we won’t miss the sights and of course, Keukenhof Gardens is on top of my go-to list. It’s open now until May 17. Hopefully, my daughter can come earlier here in Dubai so I can apply for her Schengen Visa too and visit the Keukenhof again before it closes for the year.

So, this momma will be on a short holiday and I will be posting photos and tips in my Travel Bug blog when I am back.

Tuh-tah for now!

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