I’m reaching another milestone in my life in few days and I am thrilled and at the same time, scared too. I like the fact that I will be celebrating my 40-something birthday because that means, I am another year WISER. However, looking at myself in the mirror gives me the uneasy feeling of how it will be like when I am old and grey.

I certainly need a lot of improvement in the health department and more maturity in understanding how these changes will affect me as a whole.

My birthday will just be another day that I will celebrate quietly. I have work so there’s no time to have a fanfare. And knowing myself, I prefer the comforts of my home, company of family and my diva dog. I wish my daughter’s here to celebrate with me but then, I just hope she will even remember.

So, if no one remembers my birthday in few days, I will be sad but will move on. I don’t like the attention anyway. Hehehehe!


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