Life’s full of tough choices; too tough that I have been having migraines, emotional and mental stress about the choices I have to make. It’s about my career and the double-edged sword effect of the decision I will make, whether I turn left or turn right, none of it will yield a result that will give me a gratifying pay increase. However, if I choose not to pursue it, I will have PEACE OF MIND, time for my family, flexibility to do the things I want to do outside office hours and the ability to fly back home during special occasions where it is very important to me, considering my daughter is back home. Yes, no money but PEACE OF MIND and all the other valuable aspect of being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and blogger – all rolled into one priceless bounty.

I have taken a poll in FB and a lot have given their perspective on the matter. It’s more of a STRESS + MONEY than PEACE OF MIND less MONEY. Honestly, and if I have no financial obligations or whatsoever, I prefer the latter. However, you just have to make a decision based on what is really important at your current situation. For me, it is being able to have that TIME to spend with my husband, my dog and my daughter when I can fly to Manila. I want that time where I can enrol myself on other courses, do online studies, learn new skills and language and just have a normal life without the stress and misery of having to wonder, “will be I able to make it home on time today?” It sure makes a big difference when all that is put in an equation.

I’ve been through hell (figuratively pls!). Sorry to write that but it’s true. I’ve been through the darkest times in my career life in the past and I have just found myself a good place to control the stress level, not have pay increase but enjoy my time at home, have time for chatting with my daughter back home, engage in my blogging and the stuff I truly enjoy.

If I decide to move lateral now, again, no assurance whether I will get a promotion sooner or later, I will definitely be shooting myself on the foot, hammer my head, jump to the fire and stress myself to no end. Will I be happy? Maybe a small percentage but stressed? Big time!

So, I am really in a tight pickle here. I wish I had the chance to change things before it got this far. Not yet late but whatever decision I make after this week will be something I will be praying really hard for. If I choose that, I am doomed. If I choose “peace of mind,” and the luxury of having time in my hands, I’ll be having something no amount of money can buy… happiness, peace of mind, sanity, and time.

Which one is your choice?

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