Okay, I am saving my voice right now. I have a sore throat and fever too. It all started when I ate 2 big strawberries. I had a suspicion that I was starting to develop allergies in strawberries when I made a smoothie few weeks ago and I had small rashes afterwards on my arms and a very itchy throat. I shrugged it off thinking it may be some food I ate that day but never thought it would be the strawberries until I ate2 fresh ones last Thursday. My throat started to itch and I was coughing like crazy. No rashes developed but my throat was super itchy.

Then come Thursday evening, I don’t have a voice, my throat hurts like crazy and I have a fever. I can bear all the pain no matter how long it takes to get the itch out of my throat but what’s bugging me is that, I have 2 assessments to attend to and they are back to back. I cannot attend an assessment without my voice! Talk about luck!!!

So, I am in bed rest, drinking hot tea with cinnamon and honey and just sleeping all day long so I will feel better soon. I hope all that I am going through right now are worth it. I need to get in any of the position I have applied for. I feel it’s time I get that promotion. Wish me luck and I hope to feel better soon!

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