Rejections are never easy, especially when you are on the receiving end. And to make matters worse, like a nail being hammered down, it becomes more painful when you are rejected TWICE in a span of 3 days.

I have been applying for a promotion for sometime now. The place where I work does not normally serve promotion in a silver platter. You are supposed to go after your dreams and if you’re lucky, you’ll get it. In my case, that has to be no.

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to attend back-to-back assessments and even passing through the final interview rounds. I have applied two positions, one in our department and the other in another. I like the latter the most because I feel and could see myself growing there and being challenged.

I believed in claiming and attracting positive energy and I have been praying real hard to get the other department’s position or perhaps any of the two, as long as I get that very elusive officer position I have been trying to achieve for the longest time.

The first rejection came last Feb. 11, the same day I was doing an assessment for the other department’s position. This one I didn’t feel bad. I had a slight tug in my heart but at the back of my mind, “there’s another one.”

My 2nd assessment went smoothly. I was even surprised I passed that round because I was surrounded by technical people whom I have been pitted with. However, I am a go-getter and I will not back out. I proved them I was worthy; thus the call for a final interview. Out of the 8, there were just 4 left (including myself).

Feb. 12, the interview came and I felt so good and I was in my best elements.  I have informed the HR and the managers who interviewed me that I would be on leave so they could still call me regarding the result even if I was out of the country.

So, my family and I took the next day’s flight back to Manila to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. And Feb. 15 came (my daughter’s birthday) and I received the much anticipated call from HR only to have my heart broken all over again when it barely healed.

I feel so awful that day. I must have cried like a baby and I must admit that it wasn’t a good sight but I had to. I really prayed and asked the Lord if He could give it to me for my daughter’s birthday and yet, God has other plans. That promotion would have been the cherry on top of the icing. Unfortunately,  God knows better.

I am only human. I won’t even say it’s okay. No, it’s not… I really need that promotion and it’s not even a want. It’s a NEED. I need it so much that I felt I was being played real bad. Like I said earlier, God has a plan that is better than mine. I just hope I will be able to understand all these back-to-back rejections as a mean to make myself better and stronger. If only it was that easy…

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