I love shopping. That is actually an understatement. Shopping is my favourite past time especially when I am shopping for my family and close friends. And of lately, I have been shopping more for someone so special – my little grand daughter from my niece. Why is she special? She’s a premature born baby. She’s so small and she’s my grand daughter. It has been a while since there was a baby at home and I do miss the feeling of having one. Since I can no longer have one, I just comfort myself with the fact that at least I have a grand daughter.

Right now, she’s everyone’s favourite baby. My niece is unwed and did not complete her studies in college. I am not sure if she’s financially capable of raising a kid. I just felt I wanted to help in any way I can so I’m buying stuff for the baby so she doesn’t have to worry about them.

I will be coming home soon to celebrate my daughter’s birthday so it will be the right time to bring home the baby loots for the tiny princess at home. I hope they all like our gifts.




What’s so special with these gifts? They’re bought out of love and from my first earnings from Shareasale which I transferred to my Payoneer account. Yey!


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