In few hours, we are going to say good bye to 2014 and welcome with open arms the arrival of 2015. Are you looking forward to the coming year? Me? Well, honestly, I am 80% excited because I get to correct the mistakes I have done in the past and start all over again and the remaining 20%, I’m petrified for the uncertainties. However, I shouldn’t be worrying when I pray, right? So, I will let the 80% of my excitement get the better of me because it’s better to be positive than to be a hypochondriac. 🙂

Well, I won’t be online in few minutes as I spend my time with my family. I wish everybody a very good and happy New Year. Everyone deserves second chances, everyone deserves another lease in life, everyone deserves to make their dreams happen and 2015 will be a good year to start making all those happen.

Let’s welcome 2015 with open arms. Let’s be hopeful for the best! Like the adage goes, “the best is yet to come!” Bring it on 2015!

Happy New Year everyone and may the coming year fill your homes (and hearts) with love, peace, and happiness. And as for my blogger pals, may we have more paid opportunities to come!- – – CLAIMING IT!!!



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