The bad migraine (when is a migraine good anyway?) is baaaaack! I have been having this on and off since Thursday. It may be from my jet lag or lack of sleep or both and it’s not making my weekend comfortable when it should. On top of that, I was feverish for few days because the skin behind both my ears are very sore. I always get that very dry, sore, flaky and itchy skin behind the ears during summer and winter. And I ran out of antibiotic cream. Bummer!

I’m traveling in few days and I can’t afford to have this migraine attack. I want to enjoy the company of my family and friends back home and I have been looking forward to this Christmas holiday since the time I blocked my leave last late 2012! I am that excited!

So, the Christmas cards I have been meaning to send out are still here, the pile of clothes to press are undone, the exercise routine is on hold (this is deliberate, who can resist those sumptuous food back home? Am I going to make myself miserable? No! Eat!), the house isn’t cleaned and I need sleep.

Well, I’m already in my leave mode anyway. I just hope I get better soon. I don’t want to travel with a migraine.

Philippines… see you very soon!

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