The living room set arrived few days ago at my mom’s house in Bulacan. And I am equally thrilled as her because it’s been awhile since the house got some fixing. It’s really in a bad shape now but I don’t have much to help in the repairs. So, just to make the house (and mom!) look like how it used to and to welcome the air of “coziness” once more, hubby and I decided to buy a simple living room set to start afresh.

We’ve been through a lot, most esp. my mom this year and the previous ones since dad passed away. And recently, my adopted brother also passed away, joining the many dearly beloved relatives in the other plane of life. I feared for my mom because she went into depression before and losing her beloved adopted son would bring so much sadness to her. I prayed hard and really worried a lot for my mom and I realised, I am praying and yet I am worrying. What does that tell about my faith? So, I know if there is anything that can keep my mom happy is to make the house she and dad built for us, look like “home.”

The living room set wasn’t fancy nor have frivolous trimmings of the rich. It’s actually not that expensive but the thought of her, sitting in her new living room set and smiling are something my heart would jump up and down for. And true enough, my niece sent some photos of her  with my little cutie nephew, sitting and happily smiling for the camera, on her new living room set. I tell you, I can’t explain the happiness I felt that a surge of hope and renewed optimism enveloped me.


 Oh, look at those happy smiles 🙂

I know, it’s the start of something new… and positive. This time, our wheel of fate is no longer flat-tire. It’s going to move and it’s going to move in the direction where God will make us prosper.


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