My heart is yearning to spend Christmas back home this year because my daughter is there for her collegiate studies. And, it is a great time to catch up with my family because I haven’t been spending my holidays back home as frequent as I used to. This year is different.

After going through several painful experiences this year and faced the passing of a dear one, we all have to pick up the pieces and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas – CHRIST. It is the right time to celebrate HIS life and not our pains and trials.

I am feeling positive this time around that the wheel will turn and my family will stand up from the obstacles that tied them to the ground for a very long time. It’s about time we all pool our positive energies, positive thoughts and happy feelings to create an atmosphere where there is only love, hope, joy and peace. And it’s Christmas, we should all be happy.

This Christmas is something that I look forward to. My mind and heart is already set and I’m just waiting for my flight next week. My hubby will travel ahead of time to prepare the holiday fete. I hope to be able to post so many happy pictures this time. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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