Wow! This Christmas season has a heftier price tag than last year.  We will be spending the holidays back in the Philippines for 2 weeks (for my husband and I for  1 and 1/2 weeks). I have set our budget for this year decently (let’s just say, 4-digits in US$!) and that didn’t include the airfares and the other expenses we will have once we’re in Manila. It’s purely for gifts.

We bought some clothes, bags and bath and body accessories from the US. We also bought my mom a living room set for Christmas so she and my family in Bulacan will have a new living room set to enjoy this Christmas. We bought our daughter gazillion of stuff she requested, including her manga books which I had to look for in Manhattan because I couldn’t remember the name of the book store. Good thing my husband still remembered it was near the previous hotel we stayed in last February. We bought the little ones toys. We also bought shoes for some of our family members. We even bought other stuff for our close friends. And I sent personalized Christmas cards and wrapped 99% of the gifts in our personalized gift wrappers I ordered from Minted – those added up to the Christmas budget! Oh my!

Out of the budget I have already allocated, we’ve used up almost 90% of it and there’s just a little left for the last minute gift-buying. I’m beginning to have this silent alarm in my head because I am computing mentally as I don’t want to welcome 2015 with a big deficit in our savings. However, thinking of the smiling faces of our families and friends when they open their gifts is something you can never put a price tag on. So I guess, it’s okay even if I’ll be very tight this coming 2015. What matters to us is that, we remembered everyone, we bought them stuff they requested and need and we’ve gone to far-flung faces to scour mega-deals and discounts just to get what they want (almost! hahahaha).

So, I think our budget next year will be double as our daughter will fly back here in Dubai, possibly with my mom, niece and my hubby’s family so we can all have a Dubai Christmas together. I’ll start saving for that after the holidays.

Do you have a yearly Christmas budget you make? Do you stick to it?

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