I have lost count about the many times I have gotten in deep doo daa for speaking my mind. It’s not that I am rude, stupid or even tactless. I just happen to be a woman of principle and I will fight for what I know is right and I call it when it’s already unfair. Unfortunately, not a lot of people appreciate my honesty. Too bad…

I actually know when to give it to someone and when it is called for. I have been brought up with good manners and right conduct but when I see someone is putting their weight on me or making me look like a fool in front of other people, that’s when my different persona comes out. They don’t call me Queen Bee for nothing!

I used to be timid and say yes all the time. However, I noticed how people abused my leniency and kindness so I threw that Miss Goody-Two-Shoes lady mask and decided to be more assertive and empowered because I know I can and I know I must. So, I equally understand other people who are brazenly honest because they may be standing up for themselves. You’ll never really know until you walk a mile in the shoes of that person.

So, I am sharing this nice graphic I have seen in FB. I had a nice laugh reading this and it really strikes a chord. It’s very me (minus the being rude and ill-mannered).


Photo taken from FB/credit to the owner

Photo taken from FB/credit to the owner


If you think you have to stand up for what is right and see injustice happen, speak up. Don’ just cower in a corner and accept everything you know you can still improve and change. Speak up! Speak your mind!



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