I had major “autumn” cleaning few weeks ago. I have filled almost 5 super big trash bags of TRASH, stuff we haven’t used and we didn’t even know we had. I couldn’t believe how much junk we had amassed! For such a small family of 4 (include the dog!), how can we ever get to have that many junk? Over-spending? OCD in shopping? I think we better put a stop to that madness now!

So, in the spirit of frugality that I wish to master this coming 2015 and the years to come, I decided to keep the old linen closet in our living room, rather than replace it. It just needed fixing on the hinges and probably adding drawers with a full extension drawer slide on the empty shelves in the other closet. That way, we can utilize the shelves area where we used to stash our junk.

I am honestly not done yet. I am just waiting for the right time to gather my cleaning stuff and start sorting through the remaining stuff we haven’t used for ages. My new motto now is, if we haven’t used a certain object or article of clothing for the last 12 months, then the item is either going to the bin, donation center or the flea market. I might choose the latter so I can use the money and add it to my daughter’s allowance. Makes sense!

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