My hubby and I decided to fly to Manila for the weekend during the Eid Holidays here in Dubai. It just so happen that the holidays fell over the weekend so we were granted Sunday-Tuesday off and that means, 5 days straight of fun times with the family back home, especially with my daughter.



I still didn’t have my renewed passport when we left Dubai. I used the one that was still valid until Jan. 2015 and I didn’t have any issue. So, as soon as the Dept. of Foreign Affairs resumed work on Oct. 7, I hastily went to collect my new passport which was still there (I’m now surprised anymore!).

Well, I’m so happy that I managed to take this short break away from the madness of this place. I am so ecstatic to be with my daughter and perform my motherly duties again which I sorely miss. I just love chatting and hanging out with my princess so I made sure we had a long weekend of bonding by shopping! We need our retail therapy badly!

I’m also glad that I got to see my mom and my family back home. My mom was her usual perky self but for a 66-year old woman whom I have grown to see as very graceful and noble was a far-cry from how she is now. She walks slowly, doesn’t have her lower dentures, her clothes are old and not as fancy as the clothes she used to wear during her heyday. And I stopped and processed everything that I was seeing while there – depression had taken its toll on my beautiful mom. Despite of her haggard appearance, I know that her heart of gold is still there inside. I just wish I can change the past for her so she doesn’t have to endure all the sufferings she didn’t deserve.


I got to meet my niece’s “special friend” whom I instantly liked. The “friend” looked exactly one of my dear relatives of who passed away. I could have sworn, they seemed to be like clones!

All in all, this short vacation was very fruitful. I got to bond with my in-laws, spend my time with my lovely college daughter, chit-chat with family, shopped with my husband and daughter, bought grocery for my mom for the whole month’s supply (I hope so), and just to soak in all the times I have missed coming home.

The weather was terrible but I could care less. I was with my family. That’s all that matters…

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