Our Millie had a quick trip to the vet few months ago when she hurt herself jumping up and down our bed. She loved jumping in our bed and taking long snooze there too while we were away at work. However, one day, she probably jumped the wrong way and hurt her legs and joints.

It was several days of seeing her perky then restless so we decided to take her to vet for a check-up. Her blood was drawn to check other stuff and after a thorough physical check-up and getting the result from the blood work, she was ok except for that bad jump she did.

The vet gave her medications to ease her pain which would be taken for 3 days. And the vet even told us that after the first take, we would notice a considerable change in our cutie Millie. And true enough, she was back to bouncing up and down again on the 2nd day after her meds. We had to stop her from doing that to prevent further injury. I think she got used to us telling her to stop. She wouldn’t even dare go up the bed or couch now.

I got so curious about the medication the vet gave Millie. I had to check the internet vetprofen and other similar medications for pain and inflammation for pets and they all had the same effect as the one given to Millie. I paid a hefty amount for the whole check-up, lab work and meds so the medication better be good and effective!

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