Well, it sounds so idealistic but I wish for peace and harmony, eradication of injustice and hunger and to make this world a better place. However, I also have a secret Christmas wish that I would like to have for myself, maybe because I deserve one or perhaps, I just long to have one.

Let me just get this straight. I am not materialistic nor I hoard jewels upon jewels. I actually don’t like jewelries but there are some stuff that really catches my attention and I am secretly hoping my “Santa” will give me one this year as a Christmas gift.

I have been looking at these lovely mom rings over and over and thought to myself, how come my husband and daughter never gave me one. Am I not worthy of such or perhaps they just knew I’m not the bling kind of person. Once in a while I get stoked with these lovely rings. These mom rings symbolizes something very special and dear to me – being a mom. So I am secretly wishing for this as a Christmas gift.


The one above is my favorite.


022978100_SV_ZM 531855500_SV_ZM 47753-350x350-newmom3

I also like this a lot. It has a gemstone which is also similar in color as mine – aquamarine.



If I don’t receive any, I won’t feel bad. It’s a “secret” wish anyway.

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