It’s my daughter’s first midterm exams and I’m the one who’s very antsy about it. I asked how her test was yesterday and she said it was fine. I remember the first time I had midterms back in college. I was all prepared and I studied really hard. I even read the succeeding chapters of my books well in advance and have religiously taken down notes and even recorded some of my professors’ lessons. The hard work paid off and I became a dean’s lister (meaning, you are one of the top in the whole college field where you belong and that also constitutes to being one of the top in the whole university). I had a good running being on the top but when I progressed further into college and getting more hectic schedule and subjects, I didn’t manage to bag the dean’s lister spot anymore. It was disappointing but I’m very happy of the accomplishments I have done back in my college days.

Now, it’s my daughter’s turn to be a college student. She’s aiming to become a dean’s lister too and I am very proud of her. It is not a lofty goal. It’s something every student should aim for.

Good luck my sweet princess. I know in my heart that you’ll make it! Make us proud and go get that dean’s lister spot!


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