How much stuff can our house ever hold? I mean, I just dumped items untouched for the last 12 months and donated old clothes and even sent a big box back home just to keep the house clutter-free. And the result? I’m so baffled why we still have plenty of stuff I couldn’t even remember buying or at least, owning.

For one, the clothes we have is a huge pile of textile material just folded and tucked in our laundry area. All of them are clean but un-pressed. And going back to our regular closet, it’s brimming! I decided to donate the small clothes my daughter won’t be wearing and my smaller clothes are being sent back home for my daughter to wear for college. Yes, those clothes will be “upcycled” by a preppy teen!

And that doesn’t stop there, my hubby has a huge collection of tees. I wonder why he has so many when he always wear few t-shirts off the top of his closet. Should I also donate some of them? But he already sent some back home? How am I ever going to scale down this monstrosity of clothes that we have? Don’t even get me started with the winter clothes! They fill one 2-door closet and there are more under the bed, and they all fit us perfectly fine.

I started cleaning around 10 p.m. of Thursday. I bought some small dressers and boxes to fill with stuff that has to be kept for some time. It took me 1 1/2 hours to assemble the 2 small drawers and by that time, I have already removed the unwanted junk that would go in the bin. I seriously swear, every inch of my body aches! I wasn’t done yet!

Yesterday, I had to complete the cleaning process. I cleared out all the unwanted junk. Threw old Christmas and even broken decors to the bin and flatten empty boxes of appliances that are just gathering dust. So now, my laundry area, linen closet and the living area is at least clutter free and have enough space to walk around.

The bedroom and master bathroom have been cleaned too. I still have more stuff to throw away. I wonder what I’ll do with my arts and craft which are occupying 2 big boxes under the bed? Until we have a regular place to stash our stuff back home, I think I’ll keep them there for some time or maybe sell them as loose stash. I’m undecided.

I’m very happy how my week has been very productive. Although I feel so sore all over and can hardly bend my knees and back, I still managed to give Millie a doggie bath today. I hope I have burned a lot of calories with these general cleaning activity. I hope to keep the house clutter-free and I will be checking regularly for stuff to chuck. My rule is, if we don’t need it, we won’t buy it, and if we haven’t used it for a year then off it goes to a more responsible owner or I’ll send them back home.

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