My daughter has been bugging me about keyboards lately. It’s not the computer peripheral but the musical instrument. She wanted to learn how to play the piano. I told she many times before that I would enrol her but she kept delaying or she would make excuses and back out. It would have been nice if she had done it while her fingers are still flexible. Although learning how to play the piano is never too late; she can try now.


Having a new piano is her dream Christmas gift. There will be plenty of Christmases to celebrate and I think I won’t be able to order one for her since at the moment, our priority is to send her to the best university back home. This is just a “want” but certainly not a “need” yet.

I did promise to buy her one when the right time comes. I don’t want to buy high ticket items when there’s no permanent place to place them to. I can only buy her a piano when she finishes her studies and when our dream house is actually constructed. Until then, we’ll save money.

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