I think my family is guilty of having too much time wasted on internet usage and other online activities. I feel really bad for sometimes allowing quality family time slip because of y blogging engagement so my hubby and daughter would also mind their activities online when I get too busy.

It’s not yet late to impose a tech time-out for the family. Now that my daughter is back in the Philippines, she is getting her own time out from the online activities she used to dabble here because the connection is so bad and that she is focusing her time and effort now with her studies. For my husband and me, I have really slowed down big time in blogging. I even closed one blog to accommodate more time for my health and family and really engage with what is happening around me.

For other families who are still in the midst of technology crunch, please impose a quality time that not even online activities and gadgets can break. More info from the image below:


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