paranoid nervous worried mom I am a mother. I go crazy and sick worried over the slightest things. I go crazier and  more sick worried especially if my only daughter is not by my side. I am far from her  and I am not beside her to give her comfort and care during her challenging  commutes to her university on a very, very inclement weather.

I went to the same university as hers but many years ago, the weather system in the  Philippines is not as bad as today. I had my share of walking from my university all  the way to Sta. Cruz. I ran after jeepneys to catch just to reach Monumento. I had  walked from Monumento to Malinta Exit and reached home almost past 3 a.m. Was  my mom feeling the same thing I am feeling now? YOU BET! My mom was crying  and waiting outside our home holding a flashlight because the power was down due  to the severity of the typhoon. Well of course, the government then did not announce  class suspension for “college students” because we were “immortals.”  My mom  hugged me tight and made sure she wouldn’t let me go to school even if there was no announcement. I wish I could hug my daughter right now, hug her tight and tell her “it’s ok to skip class because our paramount concern is your safety.”  Now tell me, don’t I have the right to wish my daughter is back here in Dubai so she could bask on the perennial sunny weather, so I don’t have to worry and get my blood pressure soaring to great heights, so she could hang out with her school friends and so I could drop and pick her up from school? Is it also normal for a mother to find and suggest ways to ensure her only child doesn’t have to experience what she had been through during her time because I KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT WAS THEN…what more now?

This is how a mother’s heart works. I am not sure how it is for other mothers out there but this is me and my heart. I will be paranoid. I will go super worried and super out of my wits to make sure my daughter reaches home. It is normal for a mother to just wish things are not the way they are now and wish her daughter to be just beside her. I have the right to because I am a mother.

And so, I will remind myself all over again, “3 1/2 years is not that long.”


(Photo credit: taken from Yahoo, photo not mine)


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