I have never liked figure crunching or handling big databases of figures and sort. Unfortunately, there will be times I may be asked to present or submit reports with statistics, pie charts, graphical representations of datas in sheets.  That is the very reason why I took MS Excel Intermediate course for 2 days, to learn the ropes. Did I learn? I did to some extent. However, I find the information very overwhelming especially that I barely use Excel. I only use it to track some stuff but that’s about it. I don’t use formula, conditional formatting, sorting, filtering, using functions and logics. Ask me in MS Word and I may be able to help you. Excel? Not at all!

I have just realized that I may do the assessment again as I blacked out and much as I don’t want to be a harbinger of bad news, I know I will do a re-sit. Sigh…

I can make volumes upon volumes of documents, I can create manuals out of scratch but in Excel, I feel like I am very, very lost just like what happened in the assessement. It was like a de ja vu for me. It was in Excel where I failed an interview assessment. Why is Excel my waterloo?



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