We are always greeted by my daughter’s hi and hello, accompanied by our little diva dog Millie every afternoon when we come home from work. It’s been almost 2 weeks since my only baby girl left for Manila and the house is deafeningly quiet.

It’s different when she’s here. We bicker all-the-time! And yet, we laugh about it later on because that’s how we are. We’re like the modern day version of Tom and Jerry.  I don’t mind if she makes my blood pressure soar to the tip of Mt. Everest, as long as she is here.  I miss that… I miss the long tirades I deliver when she doesn’t do what I tell her to. I miss her more when she says, “Ma…” only to hold back and say “Never mind.” She loves to leave me in cliffhangers. Most of all, I miss our bonding time where we talk about anything under the sun – boys, young loves, crushes, girl stuff, money matters, our dreams, our hopes, our goals. That’s my baby and I love her for that.

It’s so quiet here now except for the tinkering of the keyboard when I blog, the usual barking of Millie when she hears a noise, and my hubby watching the TV outside the room. There’s someone missing in the picture and I want her back here in Dubai. If only I can take her back here, I would but I know, in this stubborn head and heart of mine, that’s where she has to complete her college degree.




Then again, all the sad emotions come flooding in. I just stare at our pictures, cry and say my prayers that she’ll excel in school, meet new friends who’ll keep her company and will be a good influence to her and that she’ll always be safe, secured and comforted.

I’m glad I get to talk to her regularly and I don’t mind paying extra bucks for the time as long as I can talk to her and hear her out. It doesn’t help when she tells you that she’s crying there for so many reasons. It’s understandable because she’s adjusting and she misses us here. If I can only hug her now and tell her, “Hush baby, smile , pray and think, 3 1/2 years is not that long.”



3 1/2 years is not that long. I keep reminding myself that.  I know I’ll always take every opportunity I get to fly back home just to be with her. I just wish it’s not this painful and difficult to deal with the quietness at home.  I’d rather have a noisy home as long as I can hear  and see her and she’s close to us. Then again,  I just have to bear and grin it.

Sometimes, the most difficult decision is always the best one. I hope so. 3 1/2 years… It’s not that long…

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