I am an emotional wreck today. Actually, I have been like this for the past few days especially nearing to my daughter’s flight back home today. It’s just so difficult to contain all these raging emotions inside especially when you are aware that your only daughter will be going back to the Philippines to pursue her tertiary education.




Some people may not understand how painful it is to let go of your child. I just hope people don’t judge me for wearing my heart on my sleeves. I think I don’t have to justify how sad it can be to see your daughter move back home, away from you, for a longer period of time. It’s different when you know your kid is just going on vacation because then, you’re perfectly fine because you know there’s a time limit to that. In my case, she will be studying there and flying back and forth every trimester break won’t be practical.

So yes, I am an emotional wreck right now. I can’t stop crying. I can’t stop worrying but most of all, I can’t stop missing my only child. I’m used to see her at home. I’m so used to our daily mom-daughter routine. I’ll definitely miss the many bickerings but most of all, I’ll miss the only daughter who makes me happy every single day of my life.

I wish I can turn back time. I wish I can correct all the mistakes and wrong decisions I have made so I didn’t have to let her study back home. I just have to trust the Lord that there’s a reason for everything. Come to think of it, she’ll be staying with my in-laws and I know she’ll be well-taken cared of. She’s also going to be in my alma mater and I am sure as the rising sun that she’ll be getting the best education we can provide her. I just hope it’s not as hard as this to be away from her…

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