Oh, my back hurts and I can barely move right now. I am partially done with summer cleaning and I have more to dispose of.  I have started cleaning and moving around furniture around 6 pm last night and slept at 1 am then woke up at 8 am to resume. It’s past 2 pm now and my body screams – REST!!!

I have filled 5 big garbage bags of “garbage” and have found items I have been looking for in the past which were kept somewhere and I have totally forgotten.  saw some clothing with tags and still new! The other bags I thought I have already given away are still at the back of my closet. And I thought I have downsized already!

My daughter is in Manila right now with her Papa. She’ll be entering college soon and her stuff have to be shipped back home until she comes back here or decides to work somewhere else when she graduates. Whatever the case may be, we have lots of stuff and I cannot believe how much we have amassed through the years.

To be able to totally complete this summer cleaning task, I would probably need a weeklong vacation leave. If only it’s possible…

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