My daughter is back in Dubai while waiting for the result of her entrance exam in La Salle. I am very, very ecstatic that she’s here again even for just a month so we can spend quality time and do our usual mom-daughter activities. I’m just too happy!

I know the feeling of being away from your child. I had that experience when I moved here in Dubai to join my husband while we left our daughter back home because she was too young and we couldn’t afford to provide a nanny for her. Times have changed and I am truly thankful that God has allowed us to sponsor her so she could study here until high school. However, it’s a different story when we talk about college level. It’s just too expensive here and even if I try to pray for a miracle day in and day out, I don’t see it happening.




I am bracing myself again for the moment I have to send her home for college. It breaks my heart to million pieces and no matter what people say or do, it’s just too painful to be away from your child, no matter how old they are. I don’t know if I will ever get used to the feeling but it’s not something I want to feel.

I just pray and hope that she will enjoy her college life while away from us. I would like to see her explore her new found college life, meet new and great/good friends, enjoy the company of new and good people, learn the meaning of responsibility, practice her time management, adapt to the life in the Philippines and simply enjoy the Philippines.

It’s going to be tough for me and my daughter as we are really close. She relies on me a lot and come August when she flies back to Manila, it will be different. I will visit Manila as often as I can and even during weekends just to see her.

3 years is not that long…

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