I have been getting a bit demotivated lately in so many aspects in my life. My career is not going anywhere, my daughter is going to college in the Philippines, my husband is not getting any promotion and my blogging assignments have almost gone AWOL on me. I try to weigh everything around me and I am finally getting to understand why things are happening as such and because all of them are falling in the grand scheme of things.

Few weeks ago was very confusing. So I prayed for guidance and wisdom. I meditated continuously. I have been surrounding myself with more positive people and I am slowly regaining the confidence that some people and circumstances have taken away from me.

I’m starting to see clearly now. I am beginning to focus on more important aspects in my life and I am doing something about my life now that I have just pushed aside for sometime. It’s time to empower ‘me.’ And I will never allow anyone or anything to drag me down, ever again.



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