I am having all sorts of mixed emotions right now. They range in both spectrums of happiness and sadness. I am happy for this milestone in my daughter’s high school life but I’m equally sad because this will mean that she has to go to Manila for her collegiate studies. While the proud mother in me shouts for joy for my daughter’s achievements, the deeper part of me yearns to turn back time and correct all the wrongs I have done. So, she could have had the chance to study here than back in the Philippines.

For now, I am trying to refocus my feelings and energy into something positive like spending more time with her, teaching her beauty stuff, giving tips on how to fix herself up when she’s in Manila, what and what-not to wear and all those motherhood stuff.

I am looking forward to her graduation and I embrace it with fervor that this will be the start of her young adult life and she is now a step closer to reaching her dreams in life.

I just hope I can manage to go through the next part after her graduation. I’m not sure how to go through it.

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