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Well, my daughter is so busy studying for her finals and  I hope she will ace her tests. I keep telling her how important it is to have very good grades for a chance to get in good universities back home. I hope she is listening.

Her grades last 3rd quarter are above average. I won’t complain! Although I wish it is higher than that but I am happy because she is taking the initiative to really improve on her study habits. There were 2 subject where her grades skidded a bit (Social Studies and Filipino). Well, I don’t blame the kid. She can only understand and speak conversational Filipino but to take up El Fili and Noli Me Tangere is too much for the child. *wink*

So, this week is her final exams week and she knows the drill. I am a drill-sergeant mom when it comes to her studies and I won’t be lenient with her when it comes to getting higher grades this time. It s a make it or break it opportunity for her to really show us that she means business with her goal to get in La Salle.

Good luck kiddo! Ace those tests and give us flying colors!!!

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