I grew up from a not-so-conventional family. My parents are strict in certain ways but lenient when they have to be. I remember growing up with my mom’s endless tirades and sermons that my siblings and I learned the art of filtering. The sermons were like a wash, rinse, repeat cycle to us whenever someone got in trouble. All of us would be rounded up like horses in a corral and the sermon would begin.

My siblings and I have perfected the art of “singing quietly” in our heads when our mom would reprimand us. Honestly, at that age, I thought she was just being mean, illogical, strict for no reason and thinking of herself. Yes. I kind of thought that way and rebelled inside. But each time, I would partly listen, digest some, spit some lessons out figuratively and move on. I didn’t realize how selfless our mother is until I have become a mom.

We tend to overlook the goodness of our mothers because they lived in a generation not like ours. But now, as I rear my own child, I realized that generation has nothing to do with how a kid is being raised. It is how you, as a mom, would only like the best, comfortable, secure and safe for your offspring.

And like a circle that is now complete, what my mom used to tell us, I tell my very own daughter. And what my daughter is saying to me now was what I was told my mom back then. I now fully understand my mom. She only mean well even if she had to be strict to us. I know she didn’t want to curtail our happiness but I know now that she knew what would be the best for her kids. And that is what I want for my daughter too. I may shout at her at times, ground her for weeks, take her privilege for overstepping the boundaries but I hope she will understand that I am doing those things not because I take pleasure in making someone’s life miserable but because I love her. I only want what is best for her. She may not understand it now but she will like I have. Her circle will come in full cycle one day and she will recall all the things I have told her just like I am reminiscing what my mother used to tell me.

It is not easy being a mother. You always have to learn to balance everything out, from your time to yourself which is almost always a deficit, to the time you have to spend to your family, home, pets, parents, siblings, friends… The list goes on. I commend my mom for sacrificing so much just to give us a bright future and a good life. I am thankful for my mom for all those times that she repeatedly told me “no” when I had to go out with friends because I had better things to do at home than learn how to party hard, play hard, drink hard and smoke hard. She helped me to be who I am not because it was what she had chosen for me to be but because she loves me so much that even if it pained her to stop me from doing what I think was best for me, she still did. And I am thankful for that because I listened to her and look where I am now.

I owe my success to my mom for being there for me all the time. She could be tough but her heart is always a softie. I want to thank her for all the things she has sacrificed for her kids, for the sleepless nights when we were sick, for the missed office work and pay just to be there beside us when we needed her and for being a cool mom.

Mom, I don’t say it often but I know you can feel it – I love you. We all love you and we thank you for raising us the way you did.



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