What could be the perfect graduation gift to give my daughter? A mobile phone? No, she has that already. How about a trip somewhere? Not even. We had the Tokyo trip recently for her Christmas gift. Oh, how about techy gadgets she can use for her multimedia course in college? Not again. I just bought her a laptop and a big Bamboo Wacom tablet to use for her drawings? Fancy drawing/coloring pens perhaps? Not this time. I bought her Copic markers few months ago. Then what could be the perfect gift for her? I think it should be something that will commemorate a milestone in her life. A graduation ring.

I have been mulling about giving her a graduation ring so she can always remember the journey of her happy and challenging high school life. I know we don’t give out rings right away after high school but I want to change things up a bit. It does not have to be fancy but a simple ring to celebrate the event.

There are plenty of nice designs to choose from if you check design class rings in the internet. I like the simpler ones like the one below. It doesn’t have to be the emblem of her current school now. I’ll give her one that looks like a college ring when she graduates from college. This is nice, right?



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