It’s no joke turning 41 last year. I had many ups and downs in terms of accepting the fact that I can never be as fit and slim as I was nor I can ever be as fast as I was back then. Things change and I’m pushing 42 in few days!

Well, I’m thankful for this and at the same time, I am in a roller coaster ride too. I can’t seem to figure out at this point in time of my life on what to do next. I am more confused than ever. Could this be the midlife crisis everyone’s talking about? Or am I entering a silent passage where hormones go awry, memory lapses, body circumference follows your age and gravity pulls everything that used to be perky?

I’m turning 42! I’m getting older in age but my spirit is still young and carefree like I was a teenager.  The physical manifestations of turning 42 is quite evident now but I guess, that’s life and that’s how it is to age gracefully. You see a lot of big numbers. And when I say big, I mean B-I-G! Don’t even get me started with my weight and waistline!

Yes, I feel old. The younger generation are addressing me as Madame or Auntie or Ate (elder sister in Tagalog). Younger lads are offering their seats to me in the train. People allow me to go ahead in lines (this is my fave perk so far!) as if I am a senior citizen and I feel like I am a wise old owl now.

What ever it is I am feeling now, I am thankful. I am always because God never ceases to bless me with enough abundance I can share around. So, I’m turning 42; I will be feeling this and that; I will be a bit nostalgic and happy at the same time (we can always blame the hormones on that one!) and I will still have a very hard struggle with weight loss. But at the end of the day, I know in my heart I’ve just grown a year wiser, happier and more blessed than I ever was.

So, thanks for preparing me for my 42nd birthday. It’s not smooth-sailing so far but I’m learning along the way.


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