Can you imagine a world without a chair? Everyone will be either standing, leaning or sitting on the floor. That’s is an uneasy sight. Definitely, it will be very awkward and uncomfortable to either stand and lie down but not be able to sit  because of the lack of a seating piece we call a chair.

I’m sure you know what a chair is and have seen it everywhere.  Every household, corporation, school, institution, social assemblies, community, restaurants have a chair and you can not miss it. However, do you know how a chair even come to being? 

The infographic chart below depicts the history of what we now call a chair.  It dates back as far as 2 B.C. in Mediterranean. This piece of entity is not just a chair where people sit. During the early times, a chair has been considered a symbol of authority and prestige. And it became a common piece of article only during the passing of 16th century.


The modern day chair is now a piece of furniture found everywhere.  Over the course of time, the chair has also evolved into one that is revered for its antiquity and noble prestige to a modern, piece of furniture made of marble, rocks, metal, wood, decked with common embellishments but made more functional and ergonomic.


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