Oh Valentine’s! I love this special day of the year when love is in the air that people just get so high in love (and sugary stuff!). I remember how excited I would get everytime my friends  and I would talk about Valentine’s Day when we were in high school. We were old school so we don’t have this new-age kind of courtship via cyberspace. Courtship in my time was the common letters from our secret admirers, chocolates and flowers left on our desks with a small card tucked in between, a folded piece of love note passed by the secret admirer to one of lady friends to be passed to the subject of his admiration and for the brazen young lads, a short meeting with you in the canteen area for a quick “Hi, I really like you” kind of conversation.

It was sweet and very heartfelt that time. I and my gal pals would all be giddy inside because our school always held this week-long “secret admirer” program where the young lads would buy flowers, stuffed toys and chocolates or what-have-yous for their special someone and would give them to the Valentine’s Day committee in school who would deliver the goodies on behalf of the anonymous and shy donor during classes. I always cringe and get beet-red for blushing because I never knew who gave me flowers, cards and chocolates then. None came forward until I left school. There were speculations about their identities. Some of my gal pals said some of the lovely gifts were from students in the lower year levels and some where from the seniors and some boys in my class would jokingly claim that it was from them. I would just smile and be very thankful because it meant, I was thought of and that was a very kind gesture.

So now, my daughter is at her ripe age and I wonder if she will have any secret “Valentino” to give her flowers or chocolates or small love notes tucked in her books. I am cool with that. It’s part of growing up anyway. Well, I have been through that so it’s just normal that girls my daughter’s age will also soon experience how it feels to be courted by a gentle lad.

I smile at the thought of it. This should be interesting!


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