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Well, even mommy bloggers like myself deserve a much needed rest and relaxation away from work, household chores and blogging. I know! I know! It’s just February and why do I sound so burned out? BECAUSE… I am burned out already.

No nitty gritty details but December 2013 was overwhelming emotionally for me as I had a rollercoaster ride with my daughter’s sudden “angst state.” Then January came and I was all hopefull and all but nooooo! January was very hectic in the office. The “ticketing month” drained my positivity and energy so bad that I need to recharge not just for a day.

The workload was too much and I had a post course work to submit by 3rd week of February which I barely started. I also have back-to-back pendings in blog activities I cannot seem to fulfill at the interim. I have a lot on my plate. I didn’t ask for it. The timing was just not right.

So, I am imposing this vacation leave even for a few days with my family because I need one to keep my sanity. It’s just February… Still a long way to go!


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