Well, if you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted any hiccups with my daughter lately. That’s because she’s actually behaving really well and I couldn’t be more happy than that!

We still bicker every now and then only because she loves to rattle my chains (either deliberately or not) but so far so good. We’ve been talking quite often lately despite her very hectic schedule in school and the manic activities she has lined up. I think, she matured a bit and I can see some improvements which makes me grin from ear to ear.

She’s still into her own teen world but I’m giving her more space than she needs. I’m starting to ease my way out a bit because in few months, she’ll be back in the Philippines for her collegiate studies. It’ll break my heart into million pieces again but this is reality. We can’t afford the universities here in Dubai and much as my heart aches to let her go, I have to. Maybe, consider it a training ground for her to become more independent, self-reliant and a street-smart kiddo.

It’s going to be hard for all of us to adjust on the new arrangement but it’s going to be temporary. As soon as she finishes her college, we’re taking her back here. This is home for her.


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