The flat we live in seriously needs overhauling! We have been living  in this place for the last 7 years. And mind you, this building was newly constructed when we moved in but it deteriorated fast. I think they used sub-standard materials to build this residential building.

We have repainted twice already and the paint is slowly chipping from the lower part of the wall. It must be the cold draft from the central a/c. What ever it is, most of the fixtures here at home are starting to show wear and tear. I told my husband if we have to report the matter to the landlord since it is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure that everything is within acceptable living condition and standard.

I strongly believe that this real estate needs to improve on their maintenance or they will really lose a lot of tenants. Plenty of tenants left already and if some new residents move in, they leave as fast as they moved in.

The building owners must invest on proper building and maintenance tools such as proper sinks and faucets to replace the broken ones, high-quality hinges on the door so they are properly afixed, plasma cutters at so they don’t call in other contractors from the other Emirates to come after several days just to fix stuff in the building because they don’t have any materials.

They earn so much from our rents so at least, a decent and proper maintenance should be provided in exchange of that.

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