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I have had my fair share of failed friendships. Some of them were my fault and others not. Maintaining a friendship with people you like should not be so hard but with the enormous pressure of other people, personality differences and beliefs, attitudes, characters and values, it can also succumb to the pressure.

Being in a friendship is like being in a relationship. You have to nurture it no matter how many you are in the group. Everybody should pitch in to make the friendship blossom just like every relationship around.

Friendship is vital in fulfilling one’s social life and happiness but what if it’s something that’s dragging you down? Is it worth saving?

If you’ll ask me, I think there are friendships worth fighting for and there are those that just fizzle and you just let go.  Sometimes, some of your friends  will  drive you to the edge and test your patience. Oftentimes, you keep giving and still, some of your friends will disregard you or do not even respect how you feel. Those are  the things that will make me turn my back and leave.  I love myself too and I respect my being. If a so-called friend does not respect me at all or just shove my feelings aside, then it’s a no brainer. I’ll walk away and never come back. The last thing I want to be is in an abusive friendship zone.

Some friends will make you their shock absorber. Fine! Stick with them because you’re a  true friend but if they keep on doing it and they expect you to keep accepting their negativity and foul attitude, put an end to that because that is not being friends. That is your so-called friend “abusing” you. Let that person go. He or she is not worthy to be your friend. Stop being in the receiving end of someone so inconsiderate in your life. You deserve people who will lift your spirits up and make you feel important because that’s what real friends do.

So, if you find yourself in a friendship where it is already becoming toxic, walk away. You deserve to have good friends who will make you happy, respected, accepted for who you are and are positive influence in your life.

You know in your heart if you’ve been a sincere friend or not. And if you believe that no matter what you do, it just doesn’t work out anymore then end the friendship. It’s their loss not yours.

You’ll find other people out there who will fill the space of those so-called friends. It’s 2014. You can clean up some slots for people who deserve those spaces in your life.

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