I feel a bit sad that I didn’t take my piano lessons seriously when I was young. I remember my teacher (although I forgot her name) who used to reward me and my sister Sanrio items every time we did well in our piano tests. She was actually the first one who bought me my Hello Kitty mini-dresser and mirror. And mind you, that time it was super expensive but she gave it to me as a reward for being a good and diligent piano student.

I can’t remember why I stopped. I think we moved to a different place that time. I remembered saying goodbye and how she cried because she said she would miss us. That was decades ago. She may be long gone but her musical influence to me is very strong. If I had only pursued it.

I try to pass that “silent” passion in me to my daughter. I think she has something else in mind and would not even consider playing even the exceptional godin electric guitars if she was presented with them. She said, she is into arts but not the musical kind.

I think the musical inspiration for my daughter is not present. I don’t want to push something she doesn’t like because I was different from her. I loved music. I loved playing the piano and if I can go back in time, I would love to play continuously until this very day. I thank my piano teacher for instilling me that love for music. Of course, I also owe it to my parents who paid for my piano lessons and never gave up on me.

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