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Do you love music box and listening to their soothing chimes? How about this, do you love Studio Ghibli and listen to their movies’ beautiful soundtracks in a mellow music box type? My daughter and I love musical boxes!

I’m so happy that my daughter found a user in YouTube who posted a Studio Ghibli Music Box collection for avid fans and even those who are not, can enjoy the beautiful music of Studio Ghibli animation movies in a nice, soothing and relaxing musical chimes.

I just love Totoro so much (he or IT is one of  Studio Ghibli characters that is very famous and cute). and I like the soundtrack played in the movie when I watched it. I am very happy to find a musical decoration of Totoro playing the tune. I don’t know the title of the tune but it is so cute, whimsical, relaxing and everything that soothes my nerves. Here is a short clip of my Totoro musical decor with my favorite tune. And below that is the embedded YouTube video where you can listen to the famous soundtracks of Studio Ghibli’s animated movies. 32.00 marks the soundtrack that is playing in my Totoro musical decor in a more mellow version.

My Totoro Music Box (or Dome!)

or here is my link:  Ria’s Totoro Musical Dome/Decor


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