Well, this is inevitable and it is already happening. We are scouting for a good school for our princess in the Philippines. Since she didn’t tell us the rosters for the special exams held here in Dubai from top schools in the Philippines, my hubby and I have to do the dirty work of scouting for good schools back home.

I am mostly doing the calling around, checking for requirements and ensuring that every form I have given to my daughter would come back on time and properly filled up by the respective officials in her current school now.

We are eyeing 2 schools and 1 culinary school. One of  the schools is our  preference (especially me because of personal reasons) and we do pray she gets in the first choice. Besides, she also prefers to be in that school, being one of the top in Multimedia Arts.

1.  De La Salle – College Of St. Benilde

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 (photo credit: grabbed from DLSU-SCB)

It is one of the prime universities in the Philippines offering Multimedia Arts course. My daughter wants to be in and I cannot be any happier as I am an alumna of DLSU and she will be in DLSU-SCB.

It is the same as the main De La Salle University’s policy and school terms. It runs a trimester program so the whole duration of the course will only be 3 years run for 3 trimesters each year. That is what’s exciting my daughter more as she can’t wait to get her hands on the real corporate world. Let’s see about that.

We will be home by 2nd week of March for my daughter’s special entrance exam. I pray and hope she passes this one. We are rooting for her to be in DLS-SCB.

The tuition ranges from 60K to 70K per trimester. I am not surprised as Multimedia Arts course is an expensive course and so is La Salle. However, I believe in the quality of La Salle’s education.


2. Assumption College 

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 (photo credit: grabbed from Assumption College AC portal)

This is another school we considered for her but she will take the entrance after she finishes school here in Dubai. I called up the Admissions’ Office of Assumption College and was greeted with a very cordial and helpful lady named Ms. Marita. The school is quite lenient and will give special considerations to OFW kids who wants to study in their college. So, we are not rushing. As soon as we get the result of my daughter’s test in La Salle then everything will be sorted.

The school’s program closest to the Multimedia Arts of La Salle is under the Communication Arts  but major in Media Production. It follows a semestral flow so the course will be 4 years for completion.

The school fees for the Comm Arts course ranges from 60K-70K as well.


3. Global Academy

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.15.59 PM

(photo credit: grabbed from Global Academy’s website)

This is a culinary school. I have not enquired yet but we will look into the courses offered as a last recourse if my daughter does not get in either 1 or 2 choices above.

This culinary school has various locations all over Metro Manila.


I am praying that everything goes well for my daughter in La Salle being her first choice. I also hope that she’ll make us all proud in this endeavor. We support her all the way!

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