Do you know what a vision board is? If so, do you have one? For those who is not familiar with it, a vision board is a collection of your dreams, goals, aspirations that you want to have or happen. They are images of your goals that you want to achieve or things that you want to possess. Normally, you can put a timeline for your vision board to make your goal setting measurable in terms of time frame. For me, I have made it an annual thing.

I was clearing my last year’s mess on my table and saw my vision board still on 2013. I picked it up and saw that some of the goals I had last year has actually materialized. I don’t want to give the details of all the images I have stuck on my vision board since I will post it here anyway. Some of those goals are travel-related and it happened.


Our Tokyo trip happened last December. I bought a Silhouette Cameo electronic paper cutter for my homemade cards project, we paid off our car loan and we got our 10-years multiple visa to the US after several years of getting approved for only 2 years multiple entry.


I am amazed by the power of law of attraction because it has something to do with having a vision board. Of course, all these came to be because I know that God has blessed me for my hardwork and dedication.

It is 2014 now, I am about to replace some of the images that happened already in my vision board. The rest of the pictures stay as I continue on my vision to achieve them in due time.

If you don’t have a vision board, I suggest you make one. Just download some photos from the internet and print them. You can either use a cork board of a big journal where you can paste the photos there. It is a great way to remind you of your dreams and dreams do come true!

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