Being a teenager is a beautiful and yet scary thing. This is the period where you discover new things, experience feelings you haven’t felt before and get attracted to someone. You will find out that your emotional range can go to new territories called “infatuation” and “young love.” These feelings are not common when you are younger but it becomes more evident as you hit puberty. I think, we can blame the raging hormones for that and add the media too for what you are exposed these days.

Let’s get down to business, shall we? I mentioned in my post before that I am sort of a dense person. I don’t really know when a guy likes me. But just because I am dense when it comes to that, it doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about this issue. I was a teenager too, sought information from my elders on how to read a boy’s signals if whether he liked me or not. I also asked around my male friends who can give me insights to these “infatuation” thing and how they show the girl they like them.

You’ll be surprised to find out some of their answers are totally unexpected but yet, it’s how they convey (or even mask!) their certain liking for someone.  Some guys will give you mixed signals and I won’t talk about that here. It’s rather difficult to read those signs so I’ll just give you the very obvious ones right from the horses’ mouths. Read on young ones.

Sticks to you like glue all-the-time

This is pretty evident from the start. He is like a moth attracted to the light. He is just there everywhere you go. He can be a part of your friends for all you know or from a different group. The mere sight of you will automatically detach him from his current gang and gravitate towards your whereabouts.

He may pretend to treat you like a friend but for him, it’s very different. I think, the only time he’s not with you is when you have to go to the loo!

Calls or sends you text often for no reason

Assignments, projects, upcoming quiz, notes, you name it. He can come up with 1 million and 1 reasons to call or send you texts.  This is a very common tactic guys do to show you that they like you. They will call you every chance they get when you’re not in school together. He will ask for notes that he “wasn’t able to copy” or just say “hi” even if you just parted ways few minutes ago from school.

You bump into him every time and every where (almost a stalker!)

If this fellow is not in your friends’ circle then he is that person you can almost be certain to bump in the hallways, see in a library seated close to you or he will be there wherever you go because the mere sight of you can make him go “lovey-dovey.” Now, don’t mistake this gesture as “stalking in a negative manner.” He just wants to be noticed by you and will do everything he can to be where you are.

He’s very helpful

One common sign a guy likes you is when he cares about you and will go out of his way to show you that. He will help you with your homework or teach you tricks in solving those pesky Math problems. He will offer to carry your bag or books or even walk you home.  He is that knight in shining armor kind of guy, a perfect gentleman.

He is so focused to you when you talk

He seems to pick up every single word you say and repeat them to you just for you to know that he really listened. His attention is only to you and will know by heart what you’ve just told. He will engage you in lengthy conversations, will ask your likes and dislikes and will even talk about anime stuff or that favorite game you play in the computer. He will be that guy who is completely interested in anything you say or do because he adores you.

You’re very popular in his circle

If he’s the fellow who is not in your group and yet his circle of friends seem to know you from Adam; it is because he has been talking about you non-stop.  His friends will poke fun of him when you’re around just to tease him and see his reactions. It will be awkward for the guy who is crushing on you big time but you’ll see how he reacts towards it. That’s your cue.

He will make you laugh all the time

If he likes you that much, he will make sure that you are happy and well. He will try to make you laugh when you’re down and he will do anything in his power to keep your spirits up with his pep-talk because not only does he want you to be happy, he also care about your feelings.

He will ask you out

Now, this is the very obvious one. He will come out and profess his like for you by asking you out. You’re too young to go out as a couple so he will probably ask you in a group date with friends and hang out in the mall, play games in the arcade or have snacks in the fancy diner.

He will ask you in a prom or grad ball too if he’s very interested to you. If he’s the vocal type then you can be assured of his infatuation to you. However, some  guys may be too coy to express how much they like you so they may keep mum about it and just go to the dance with his friends. Here’s the big but, he can still show you that he likes you by asking you for a dance.

His body language says so much

One moment he was just talking straight to his friends and all normal and when you passed by, he suddenly kept quiet or started stuttering or talk gibberish. He gets conscious and blush all the time. You are his kryptonite gal! Only you can make him do weird stuff then that is a very obvious sign that he likes you.

And lastly, this will come as a surprise –  he will tease you endlessly

Some of my male friends highlighted this to me. Not  just because he has a crush on you doesn’t mean he will be too showy about it. Some young lads prefer to keep it under wraps for fear of being teased or his cover blown. He’s probably the kind of fellow who’s not brave enough to face the consequence of telling and showing that he actually likes a girl and that girl is you. He will tease you to other guys and will keep making fun of you so that the attention is not on him but on you. It’s a typical defense mechanism guys do when they are afraid of being rejected by the one they like or get teased about it.

Classic example of this is my high school classmate who kept teasing me, even poking fun of me. I almost cried that time and thought he was bullying me. And many years later, we reconnected with most of our classmates in one of the social media out there. He apologized many years later of how he was such a jerk to me. Guess what he told me next? Yes, he admitted that he had the biggest crush on me and couldn’t tell me.

So girls, if a guy keeps teasing you and only you, you know what that means.


Don’t rush love but acknowledge those infatuations. It’s such a nice thing to know that some guys find you very likeable. Be thankful for that.

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