This post is from my daughter 🙂
Having a hobby or an interest can be a nice way of distracting you. From work or from school. Hobbies keep you busy. They keep you from getting bored.

I have my own set of hobbies and interests and my mom has her own. Sometimes we share an common interest and sometimes we just don’t mix well. I, for one, love games and art. It’s just an unexplained happening.

Its my own distraction, but its also my destruction. As I’m sure everyone knows, teens love the Internet. Of course, I do too. (Why would I be blogging if I can’t stay on the Internet?) That’s very understandable. Though, there are some distractions that aren’t worth having but are just hard to part with.

For me, it would be drawing and games. I can never part with it for good. You take it away from me, I’ll lapse into a never ending war in my subconscious. I metaphorically die.

Just like that. It’s like pulling a junkie away from drugs. They’d probably be like;

“No man. It’s my life. You can’t take it awaaaaaay!”

And you just sit there and stare at them, all poker-faced and be like:

“No. Off to rehab you go.”

If it was me, I’d probably look at you like this if you ever took my computer and drawing things away from for too long:

Now I’m wondering what to do with my currently existent life.






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