Photo credit: yahoo images

Photo credit: yahoo images

I don’t know if I should be happy, honored or deeply sad if someone will entrust a sensitive information I cannot share to someone, not even to my love ones.  Not that I am a gossiper nor I love talking about other people. Do you know how challenging that will be to bottle up everything you know and scared that one day, you might just blow your top and spew all those secrets?

It is such a scary thing to be trusted by someone with an information so delicate that if you tell a living soul, it can make or break the person involved. Well, I have been privileged (I see it now as a curse, really) to be entrusted with so many information whether they are personal and professional that I have to remind myself to not say a word about them.

It is very daunting. It is not easy and it is hard to keep them all locked because you know, the tongue can always slip. If not that, there may be unconscious allusions to those secrets you know in some thrown phrases or casual talks with some people. And those are not the only things that worry me. I am also afraid that one day, I cannot hold them all in and I wouldn’t know what to do.

I am not sure why people tell me stuff I shouldn’t know. Is it because I am trustworthy? Do they believe in my ability to keep it all in? Do they know I am capable? If they all answered yes to those questions then maybe I am good; maybe they can see it in me that I am capable of keeping mum even when asked but do they even consider asking me, “do I really want to know?”

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