The vacation is over and we’re back home. We wished it was longer but reality bites so here we are again. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed and we are planning to go back. Hopefully, by early next year before my daughter goes to college.

We all had a great time in Tokyo, especially my daughter who is a big fan of anything anime, Japanese and their kawaii (cute for Japanese) stuff. One of her obsessions is Rilakkuma stuff.

You can’t say she’s bratty or something but her papa and I have bitten the kawaii-craze and succumb to her puppy eyes look or begging “Ma, Pa, please, let these be my Christmas and birthday and any other occasion gifts.” Seeing her face and almost groveling at our feet, we bit it – hook, line and sinker!

So, here are her Rilakkuma stuff which my hubby and I bought for her as Christmas gifts. I got carried away and bought some for myself too. Tee-hee-hee-heee!




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