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Well, don’t judge me right away and think I am a big grouch-o! I’m not. I’m actually one of the most amiable person you will ever meet but I am also one of the most true to my feelings. I don’t hide my happiness nor disgust because I respect my feelings and I acknowledge them. There are just days when you’re not feeling rainbows and butterflies. My day today is like that, well, towards the afternoon that is.

Why am I in a foul mood today? I really don’t know but it has something to do with not having peace and quiet I long so much every end of the day. Also, I hate it when people just come in and out of my home. There are days when I just want to run on my treadmill wearing the lousiest track suit I can find. And there are days when I want to just sit in my living room, watch TV with my honey or just sit there to read. But when you come home and see someone who is making him/herself comfortable and is becoming a frequent “visitor” of your place,  then that’s something that can throw off the most jolliest of mood in the planet.

I have nothing against the people I see “regularly” at home. I just hope they know how to respect the owners of the place. They are here regularly, for nothing. They sit on my couch, act as if they own the place, not even acknowledging me – yes, ME, the OWNER of the place, tend to overstay and most of all, have no respect to someone’s personal property, peace and privacy.

This is the same reason I have been telling my husband why I want to move out of this place. Leave the darn place to them and let them maintain and pay for it. He won’t budge and it’s really not practical. I just feel that my very own space and privacy are always being violated. It sucks! And I don’t like people trampling on my personal space. That’s a big no-no for me because it’s something I value so much!

Now tell me, is my foul mood well based? I believe so. I think I can even eat someone’s head right now!

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