We only have one kid and she’s pushing 16 soon. You can’t say she’s a brat. She doesn’t get what she wants that easy  and we always let her work hard for something she really loves.

People think that just because she’s an only child, she doesn’t do much at home. On the contrary, she is a very helpful kid. I am quite thankful for the time she spares to help me out at home because she knows how tired I can get when I come home.

She helps with the laundry and washing of the dishes. She’s also responsible for changing her little “sister’s” food and water bowl. She throws the garbage too. Sometimes she grumbles but most times, she just does what she’s been tasked. And I am really appreciative of that.

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© www.themommalogues.com | My daughter, helping me out assembling a cabinet. Most teens will balk at the idea and give excuses, not my kid. 🙂

Some of you may have maids who will help around. I don’t and I have already told my daughter that. I will not employ a househelp just to give in to our whims because we are able-bodied people and we can do things at home without having to hire a paid help. Having maids will not be an excuse not to let your teens have a fair share of the chores to do at home.

Do you have teens at home? Do they help out in the chores? Do you give them responsibilities to carry out at home?

If you answered yes on my questions above, then congratulations! You are helping these teens to be more responsible adults. And if by chance you answered no, it is high time to make them value hard work so they will be more responsible, have initiative and appreciate of real labour.

It pays to be self-reliant. It will teach your kids how to stand on their own when the time comes, when they have to be away from home or have families of their own. Setting them for greater things such as helping in household chores will instill a good value in them that they can pass on to the generations to come.

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