I think I am in the stage where I wonder if my daughter is having an infatuation or possibly  a boyfriend. You might wonder what triggered my notion without possible evidence. Well, let’s just say there were times I have seen them and the constant phone calls and messages are not normal for a “friendly level” and some people have seen her with the same “fellow” from her class. I’ll leave it at that.

I have asked her casually if someone is courting her but she kept saying none. I know she’s a sensible kid but I am not sure how she would be like when it comes to matters of the young heart.

All I can do is to keep reminding her of her priorities at this stage. She can have a boyfriend when she’s done schooling and that’s not soon. I just hope she will listen.

Thinking of all these “young love” stuff makes me too old and appreciative of how my mom handled this matter with me and my sister. I can feel the worry and fear now that my daughter is in the age where she will be courted by a boy in her class, she can get crushes and she will be the subject of someone’s affection.

As a mother, I feel relieved to know that someone likes her. That means, she’s ok and that she’s likeable. But what concerns me is that, she’s too young to be in an exclusive relationship with a boy. There will be time for that. Not now…

Ah, motherhood… It’s giving me stomach and head aches now!

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