I am a staunch supporter of anything handmade, eco-friendly and community-based products. When I say community-based, it means, a certain product material was bought from a community of farmers, producers or whatever field they are to companies who produces products to consumers like myself. It can also mean that a group of villages have been given the task to create these products through their livelihood projects; thus giving them means to earn and uplifting their status from poverty.

One of these companies I like is Human Nature. It is an enterprise that provides livelihood to the poor communities in the Philippines.  Aside from providing sustainable living to these poor communities, Human Nature is also a steward of nature. The company ensures that each product are derived from natural sources and are not processed with toxic chemicals that will harm the environment.

I am glad that my husband’s niece is selling products of Human Nature so I had the chance to order few. I spent around Php 538 for all the merchandise and I’m happy with my purchase.


Support this company. Support and  nurture  the enrichment of  livelihood of the poor communities in the Philippines while giving back the the environment.

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